Velleman Metal Detector Kit Velleman Metal Detector Kit

To come up against an electric cable while drilling a hole in a wall can have catastrophic consequences. Likewise, drilling into gas, water pipes or central heating pipes can be extremely hazardous.

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EEMetric a Knowledge Search Engine I am building a Website with Omeka to create a Knowledge Search Engine on
Stephen Ostermiller Code

Stephen Ostermiller has many interesting and innovative code that will help you learn the right way to write code in JavaScript or Perl . Some of the highlights are Scientific Calculator, Triangle Calculator, Contact Form, Tic-Tac-Toe Graphing Calculator Programs, Java Utilities, RSS Reader and Random Password Creator.

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Low Cost AM FM Stereo Receiver

FM stereo demodulation is accomplished by the use of the LM1800 phase locked loop, thereby eliminating the need for external coils. The AM function of the receiver is done completely with the LM3820 AM radio system. While designed for 3 section tuned superheterodyne application.The LM382 dual preamplifier was selected for its minimum parts count and low noise capability.

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Lascar Panel Meter Applications Lascar Panel Meter Applications

The vast majority of Lascar meters operate using the Dual-Slope method of conversion. Put simply, the technique involves charging a capacitor (CINT) from zero at a rate directly proportional to the input voltage and for a fixed time (see fig.

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Elenco Electronics Digital Multimeter Kit Elenco Electronics Digital Multimeter Kit

Assembly of your M-2666K Digital Multimeter Kit will prove to be an exciting project and give much satisfaction and personal achievement.

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The Oath of Aristotle The Oath of Aristotle

Simple Natural Living

The Future is in Reviving Legacy Methods, Systems, Equipment and Technologies. We need to step back a couple of decades to sustain the planet and environment.

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Product Design Product Design

Circuit Design Service

Electronic Circuit and Product Design – delabs can design the Electronic Circuit and PCB if you have a Product Idea and Plan made.

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delabs 2020 and Beyond delabs 2020 and Beyond

New delabs Structure

Some developments in delabs after 2018, delabs has moved all the blogs from Blogger to a self hosted application – Digital Analog Power Junction which is powered by a LAMP application called b2evolution that has been there since blogging was invented, it has a past like WordPress but quite different now.

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Social Community Social Community

Enhancing WordPress

By integrating BuddyPress and BuddyPress Docs you can make your WordPress Community Friendly and enhance Collaboration. Create your own group or club online.

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Enhancing Wordpress By integrating BuddyPress and BuddyPress Docs you can make your Wordpress Community Friendly and enhance Collaboration. Create your own group or club online.
Focused or Niche Communities You may have become aware by now that Large Public Social Network Community services have become stale. Services like Facebook, Twitter and others have lost their gleam and glitter. The bots, spam, marketing and much more that cannot be publicly disclosed; have made these communities large piles of  classified, high quality Recyclable waste. They have also become serious privacy and security threats when installed in a Smartphone along with banking, personal or family apps. The conclusion is Public Social Network Community services and apps are out. Keep away from them, they are bad neighborhood. Private, personal, and small collaboration hosted web applications are the future. You can create one for the family, one for the company and one for friends. Create niche communities like - Tinkering Club, Sports Group, Knitting Family, Bikes and Bikers, Joggers Union, Nature Protectors etc. Fediverse is the Now Thing
LED Lamp – Simple Bed-Lamp Circuit LED Lamp – Simple Bed-Lamp Circuit

LED Night lamp, Clock Lamp to see time at night. It is a Green Lamp just 50mA, but its Blue in Color.

delabs Hobby Electronics

RCA connector or Phono Connector RCA connector or Phono Connector

An RCA connector, sometimes called a phono connector or cinch connector, is a type of electrical connector commonly used to carry audio and video signals.

delabs Hobby Electronics