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QRP HomeBuilder

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Component level (mostly analog) electronics from microwave to AF. Jazz guitars and guitar amplifiers. Radio astronomy. I apply science and critical thinking in my daily life.

Building or buying test equipment and acquiring a good reference library are important to your experiments. Spurred by the realization that sound bench measurement practices are at the heart of good design, test equipment receives greater focus in 2010 and on.​

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In time, you may recognize your electronics workbench as your greatest teacher. Bench experiments involve us thinking about and measuring our circuits so we know what’s happening instead of relying too much on folklore, guessing and copying others. Designing and/or simulating circuits with software can enhance your learning but does not obviate the need to spend time in the trenches with meters, wires and solder.<b></b><i></i><ins></ins><sub></sub><sup></sup><del></del>



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