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PhotoFiltre Graphics Editor

PhotoFiltre is a complete image retouching program. It allows you to do simple or advanced adjustments to an image and apply a vast range of filters on it. It is simple and intuitive to use, and has an easy learning curve. The toolbar, giving you access to the standard filters with just a few clicks, gives PhotoFiltre a robust look.

PhotoFiltre 7 also has layer manager (with Alpha channel), advanced brushes, batch module and lot of other powerful tools.

on: 7/16/2019

Dual Digital Dice Cubes

Digital Die Cube Toy, Click the Dice Cube, Wait, It will Display a Random Result, A random generation for rolling and one for showing value.Dual Digital Dice Cube, It will Display a Random Result for the 6 faces of the Dice, It has both a Cube Animation and Digital Readout for Two Dice.

Dual Digital Dice xml code - Use iframe part for any page or blog.

Dual Digital Dice Widget Cube, It will Display a Random Result for the 6 faces of the Dice. Electronics Dice gadgets can be built in the same way. The JavaScript for the Digital Readout is written in the way you would write code for a embedded system project. You can try it out on a Tiny Microchip PIC chip. Do not use a Big Powerful and Fast Processor for a Small Job. It is like Transporting a bag of Potato Chips in a Nuclear Submarine across the Pacific Ocean.

on: 7/14/2019

SeaMonkey Internet Application Suite

Web-browser, advanced e-mail, newsgroup and feed client, IRC chat, and HTML editing made simple—all your Internet needs in one application.

SeaMonkey’s powerful yet simple HTML editor keeps getting better with dynamic image and table resizing, quick insert and delete of table cells, improved CSS support, and support for positioned layers. For all your documents and website projects, Composer is all you need.

Such a software suite was previously made popular by Netscape and Mozilla, and the SeaMonkey project continues to develop and deliver high-quality updates to this concept.

on: 7/14/2019

GnuCash Small Business Financial Accounting

Simplify managing a small business with Customer and Vendor tracking, Jobs, Invoicing and Bill Payment, and Tax and Billing Terms.

The GnuCash checkbook-style register provides a custom, convenient and familiar interface to entering financial transactions.

The register supports common checking and credit-card transactions, as well as income, stock and currency transactions. Graphs and reports can be highly and easily customized in appearance and contents, in order to fulfil every user’s need.

Income/Expense Account Types (Categories) allow you to categorize your cash flow. When used properly with the double-entry feature and equity accounts, these enable you to generate reports, such as Profit & Loss.

on: 7/13/2019

PortableApps Platform Pendrive

These portable applications can be used from removable media such as USB flash drives. User data is stored in a subfolder, allowing the user to upgrade or move the software without affecting the data

The Platform is not required to run portable apps, but it is available to provide a more integrated experience. Features include:

  • A menu of installed portable apps
  • Apps Directory to find and install new apps.
  • Search functions for your USB flash drive.
  • An updater to keep installed apps up to date

John T. Haller then expanded the project to include Mozilla Thunderbird and Soon the open-source group of portable programs outgrew Haller’s personal website and he moved it to a community site,

on: 7/13/2019

Winaero Tweaker

I had to remove the shortcut arrow which was making the desktop look imperfect. This is an old story from win95 days. Here is a tool that does that and more in Win10 too. It is also a Portable Software. ....

Winaero Tweaker offers a large variety of categorized tweaks, including Appearance, Boot and Logon, Desktop and Taskbar, Content Menu, File Explorer, User Accounts, Privacy and more. Among other things, you can customize the Windows color scheme and logon screen, add options and commands to the right click menu,

on: 7/8/2019

PanZoom - Web Element Usability

PanZoom is a lightweight native JavaScript library for panning and zooming elements using CSS3 Transformations. It’s built to have a small footprint and be and simple to use.

on: 7/4/2019

Sylpheed Email Client

Sylpheed is a simple, lightweight but featureful, and easy-to-use e-mail client. Sylpheed provides intuitive user-interface. Sylpheed is also designed for keyboard-oriented operation, so Sylpheed can be widely used from beginners to power users. Sylpheed runs on many systems such as Windows, Linux, BSD, Mac OS X and other Unix-like systems.

on: 7/3/2019

Snippet Code Manager

Snippet Manager is an extremely lightweight (no setup required) freeware utility that you can use for managing your code snippets in a variety of languages. Snippet Manager works with VB, C++, C#, Java, SQL, ASP, PHP, HTML, even COBOL, Assembler and Fortran. You can also use Snippet Manager to manage plain old ASCII text data.

Snippet Manager features a powerful search tool that is geared towards developers. You can use regular expressions or simple search criteria to find the exact code you need, when you need it, based on the language, category, dependencies, keywords or the actual code that you are looking for.

on: 7/3/2019

ExpressionEngine - CMS

ExpressionEngine is a flexible, feature-rich content management platform that empowers hundreds of thousands of individuals and organizations around the world to easily manage their web site.

on: 7/2/2019

delabs Tech Blog and Sites

delabs is a technology and engineering blog focussed in electronics.

on: 7/2/2019

Aircraft Dashboard Chronometer

Digital Clock with 24 hour Military Time Format, Aircraft Dashboard Chronometer Like Looks, Date, Time, Weekday and Week of Year. Clock Gadget, looks like a Clock in Cockpit Dashboard. It is a Mimic of A Flight Chronometer Instrument. It shows Time and Date close to Military Time-Date format. It also has week number and weekday display.

Digital Flight Clock xml code - Use iframe part for any page or blog

Clock Gadget, looks like a Clock in Cockpit of Aircraft Dashboard. It is a Mimic of A Flight Chronometer Instrument. It shows Time and Date close to Military Time-Date format. It also has week number and weekday display.

on: 6/29/2019