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Web Resources

Omnispace and Agora-Project

Agora-Project is the open-source software on which the Omnispace service is based. Omnispace is a collaborative work platform: it is a website and a service that centralize knowledge management and project management tools. 

on: 10/18/2021

CPick - HTML or HEX Color Picker

Sam Francke created a versatile freeware for a web designer or programmer. The colors for the GUI for the Web Application or Software can be chosen by this extremely useful software. Program to get colors from your screen with the build in magnifier. Zoom 1 to 10. Modify colors with the RGB or HSV slide bars. Copy the color to the clipboard as Hex, Decimal, RGB or HSV value.

on: 12/19/2020

ExpressionEngine Content Management

ExpressionEngine is a flexible, feature-rich content management platform that empowers hundreds of thousands of individuals and organizations around the world to easily manage their web site.

on: 10/23/2020

PanZoom - Zoom Scroll Picture

PanZoom is a lightweight native JavaScript library for panning and zooming elements using CSS3 Transformations. It’s built to have a small footprint and be and simple to use. All your elements given by your selector will now have panning and zoomming functionality. For example, we could have the class panzoom which has many elements.

on: 9/29/2020

delabs Technologies

delabs Technologies is an online EE Resource centered around Electronics Engineering Technologies. The Focus is on Product Design, Instrumentation and Automation. Services – E-Learning and Consultancy for Engineering, Design and Development of products, system and processes.Electronics Informatics and Product Design Technologies Web Consultatory.

on: 9/28/2020

Sylpheed Email Client

Sylpheed is a simple, lightweight but featureful, and easy-to-use e-mail client. Sylpheed provides intuitive user-interface. Sylpheed is also designed for keyboard-oriented operation, so Sylpheed can be widely used from beginners to power users.

on: 9/27/2020

Openclipart - Colorful Clipart Images

Openclipart initially grew out of a project started by Christian Schaller , who on October 26, 2003 issued a challenge on the Gnome Desktop website for users of Sodipodi to create a collection of flags in SVG format. The project became known as Openclipart by April 2004, with the stated aim of all contributed images being dedicated to the public domain​.

on: 5/5/2020

Computing Resources

Web Resource, Reference Sites, Freeware, Web Design, Software Tools. Software tools, Opensource Websites. Graphic Resources. Scripts and Apps for Webs development. LAMP CMS, Blogs and other applications. Free reference resources and Educational Sites with free books and learning material. 

on: 5/4/2020

Web Widgets

Analog Bargraph Clock

Analog Clock, Linear Display of Time Elapsed using Bargraph, Shows Week Days and Month Days Passed. The WD indicates Complete Week Days passed and MD is Month Days Completed. This is not the date, date is MD+1. This is an example of CSS Animation, that was the Motivation for this clock

on: 7/13/2021

Oscilloscope with JavaScript

The Oscilloscope is a Real Time Graph of Volts Y and Time X at any node of a circuit. It can show both AC and DC. This is a Virtual JS Oscilloscope - Fourier Series Periodic Waveforms using JavaScript. This is a Toy Scope or a waveform display which i will integrate with my other tutors to display AC points in place of voltmeters. Virtual JS Oscilloscope

on: 9/27/2020

Digital Alarm Clock

Digital Alarm Clock Web Gadget with Musical Alarms. This Web Gadget is for the Web-page or blog. You can set Five Alarms with Ten Selectable Musical Sounds and a small Text memo. The simulation is as close as possible to a uC based Clock which you could build, The GUI is more like a electronic gadget than a Software Application. That should charge you to build your Alarm Clock today.  ... Alarm Clock Manual

on: 9/27/2020

EE widgets of delabs

These are Gadgets i HandCrafted with JavaScript. Add them to your Webpage or Blog. There are Web widgets related to learning electronics and also demonstrating the subtle aspects of  Product Design Technologies.

on: 9/26/2020

Aircraft Dashboard Chronometer

Digital Clock with 24 hour Military Time Format, Aircraft Dashboard Chronometer Like Looks, Date, Time, Weekday and Week of Year. Clock Gadget, looks like a Clock in Cockpit Dashboard. It is a Mimic of A Flight Chronometer Instrument. It shows Time and Date close to Military Time-Date format. It also has week number and weekday display.

on: 9/24/2020

Programmable Digital Timer

Here is is gadget GUI for Industrial Process control, WebApps. The buttons make a sound and Light up internal LED lamps. Power On-Off control, Digital Timer; Start, Reset Scroll and Select are the controls. A Web Gadget which is a Preset Timer. This can be Programmed from any Browser. It can also be modified to control external outputs. The advantage is that the industrial process or Home automation can be monitored and controlled on any computer including tablets which has a Browser

on: 12/18/2019

Tristate Electronic Random Toss

Running LED, Random Results, Decade Counter and Clock. Weigh the Pros-n-Cons, Take a Balanced Decision. This can be built with one 555 timer and a CD4017. Use the pin 5 to connect to a cap you charge with a pushbutton or gate like CD4093 to turn off 555 using pin 4 after a cap discharges. This may simulate a random. Running LED, Random Results, Decade Counter and Clock. Weigh the Pros-n-Cons, Take a Balanced Decision.

on: 11/26/2019

Simple Hourglass Clock

Simple Hourglass Clock, Track Time Progress, Shows Time, Date, Weekday and Week of Year. Time flies but the Hourglass Clock helps you keep a watch on the endless flow of time. This fights procrastination, then the project will be done in time. There Aint No time left, Act Now. Finish the Box.

on: 9/26/2019