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Pin Note Web Gadget

This is a Tiny memo Pad that will have Sticky Notes on Webpage, saves in cookies. This Web Gadget was for the Homepage, Web-page or blog. Pin Notes. This is not an electronics gadget, but i wanted to try building it, The inspiration for this has been Stickies. Which i have been using for some time. So i built this for my learning. 

on: 10/25/2021


Analog Bargraph Clock

Analog Clock, Linear Display of Time Elapsed using Bargraph, Shows Week Days and Month Days Passed. The WD indicates Complete Week Days passed and MD is Month Days Completed. This is not the date, date is MD+1. This is an example of CSS Animation, that was the Motivation for this clock

on: 7/13/2021


Oscilloscope with JavaScript

The Oscilloscope is a Real Time Graph of Volts Y and Time X at any node of a circuit. It can show both AC and DC. This is a Virtual JS Oscilloscope - Fourier Series Periodic Waveforms using JavaScript. This is a Toy Scope or a waveform display which i will integrate with my other tutors to display AC points in place of voltmeters. Virtual JS Oscilloscope

on: 9/27/2020


Digital Alarm Clock

Digital Alarm Clock Web Gadget with Musical Alarms. This Web Gadget is for the Web-page or blog. You can set Five Alarms with Ten Selectable Musical Sounds and a small Text memo. The simulation is as close as possible to a uC based Clock which you could build, The GUI is more like a electronic gadget than a Software Application. That should charge you to build your Alarm Clock today.  ... Alarm Clock Manual

on: 9/27/2020


EE widgets of delabs

These are Gadgets i HandCrafted with JavaScript. Add them to your Webpage or Blog. There are Web widgets related to learning electronics and also demonstrating the subtle aspects of  Product Design Technologies.

on: 9/26/2020