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PortableApps Platform Pendrive

PortableApps Platform Pendrive
PortableApps Platform Pendrive

Web Resource - PortableApps Software

These portable applications can be used from removable media such as USB flash drives. User data is stored in a subfolder, allowing the user to upgrade or move the software without affecting the data

The Platform is not required to run portable apps, but it is available to provide a more integrated experience. Features include:
<li>A menu of installed portable apps</li>
<li>Apps Directory to find and install new apps.</li>
<li>Search functions for your USB flash drive.</li>
<li>An updater to keep installed apps up to date</li>

John T. Haller then expanded the project to include Mozilla Thunderbird and Soon the open-source group of portable programs outgrew Haller’s personal website and he moved it to a community site,



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