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Pin Note Web Gadget

Pin Note Web Gadget
Screenshot of Pin Note Web Gadget

This is a Tiny memo Pad that will have Sticky Notes on Webpage, saves in cookies. This Web Gadget was for the Homepage, Web-page or blog. Pin Notes. This was later enhanced to the Jot a Note gadget. Jot a Note then became Jot Note and Desktop

Note - This is toy or fun gadget not for serious note taking, it is more an example of css-dhtml-js for study or learning.

24 March 2010 - Data Freedom in PSV, Pipe Separated like and. Now you can move to another Notes software; if you feel our interface or features are not just right.

Pin Note Web Gadget Manual

This is not an electronics gadget, but i wanted to try building it, The inspiration for this has been Stickies. Which i have been using for some time. So i built this for my learning. The Source gives some ideas of css and JavaScript. The form elements blends with the note, The Note also serves as a dynamic menu for paper color and pencil color.

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